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Ignite Your Business with One-on-One Coaching with Jess

Ignite Your Business with One-on-One Coaching with Jess

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Ignite Your Business with One-on-One Coaching with Jess

Elevate Your Business with Expert Guidance

Jess has been consulting with and managing small businesses for almost a decade. Across various industries, she has helped businesses create strategies around performance management, hiring and retention, marketing, organization, and data-informed decision-making. Whether your business has been around a few months or several years, Jess will help you reach the next level of success.

What Clients Are Saying

"I've had the privilege to know Jessica in a professional setting for a few years. She is a natural leader, expert with conflict resolution, and is adaptable while also being creative. Jessica has a systems mindset, which helps her understand how things are connected and allows her to grapple with opposing ideas in the face of uncertainty. I would work with, or for, her in a heartbeat." — Jenna H., Business Development Representative

"Dwight and Jess are awesome! Customized training for what we do. Lots of helpful tips! Highly recommended!" — Annette J., The Contractor's School

Why Choose Jess?

🔥 Vision to Action: Jess has a knack for uncovering an entrepreneur’s ultimate vision and transforming it into actionable steps to achieve their dreams.

🔥 Comprehensive Expertise: From performance management to data-informed decisions, Jess's extensive knowledge spans key areas crucial for business growth.

🔥 Collaborative Approach: Jess understands the complexity of partnerships and stakeholder relationships, ensuring an inclusive and aligned future for your business.

🔥 Customized Support: Jess's personalized approach creates the structure and accountability you need to turn big ideas into reality.

How it works

✅  Step 1: 30-Minute Discovery Call

Your journey begins with a 30-minute Zoom or phone discovery call with Jess. This call is designed to understand your business focus, needs, challenges, expectations, and most importantly, why you're seeking coaching.

✅  Step 2: 60-Minute Customized 1:1 Coaching Session

Engage in a tailored coaching session where you'll collaborate with Jess to achieve the goals established during your discovery call.

✅  Step 3: Custom Post-Work Guide

Receive a one-page custom post-work guide from Jess. This guide reinforces session takeaways and provides clear next steps for continued growth.

 Step 4: 30 Days of Accountability Check-ins

Jess will personally check in with you periodically via text, chat, or email to track your progress and address any unique challenges.


 Additional Support Available

🔥 Growth Coaching Package

Includes 2 60-minute coaching sessions plus 4 additional 15-minute check-in calls over 60 days (schedule these with Jess at 15, 30, 45, and 60 days).

🔥 Success Coaching Package

Includes 4 60-minute coaching sessions plus 10 additional 15-minute check-in calls over 6 months.

🚀 Ready to Elevate Your Business?

Choose the coaching package that suits your needs, and Jess will personally reach out to set up your 30-minute discovery call.

Only a Few Spots Left for Personalized Coaching!

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your business and achieve your goals with Jess's expert guidance. Secure your spot today!


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