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  • Chris Fuller, Director of Inside Sales and Account Management, Hotel Engine

    "Dwight is an invaluable training resource. I’m a natural skeptic when it comes to bringing in anyone from the outside of the organization, but Dwight has been phenomenal at building professional content, training processes, and on boarding our new employees. He’s done so well for us that we now have him performing ongoing education for our employees. I can not recommend Dwight highly enough for an organization that wants to take their training to the next level! Bringing Dwight in has been an incredible investment into our employees and organization as a whole."

  • Amira Raveneau-Bey, Startup Executive, Founder, The Home Dispatch

    "I had the pleasure to work with Dwight for a couple of years at Trulia/Zillow. His leadership and contributions helped to deliver a top notch training organization that helped us scale and deliver results. His high energy was contagious and he was seen as a trusted leader to so many of our associates that he trained and mentored. I enjoyed working with him and look forward to our paths crossing again."

  • Gus Nemechek, Inside Sales Manager, Pie Insurance

    “Dwight is a critical part of the leadership fabric of Pie Insurance. He has completely transformed the training experience for new hires and veteran employees by cultivating a coaching culture that emphasizes the importance of personalized mentorship, skills practice, and continuing education. He truly goes above and beyond to bring the best out of leaders and employees alike. I would highly recommend bringing Dwight on to any company, especially rapidly scaling startups where we have to continually achieve personnel and revenue growth, while improving processes, communication, and training."

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Meet Dwight

Dwight Braswell is a TOP training consultant, small business owner, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and high-performance coach.

His goal is to learn more about you, your team, or business and then help you ignite that fire and achieve your goals.

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Meet Jess

Jess (Jessica Thompson) is a dynamic facilitator, business owner, and leadership thought leader with a unique ability to take complex concepts and turn them into simple, actionable frameworks that hit the mark every time. Her storytelling skills help turn every session into an enjoyable journey packed with value.

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