LIVE ABOVE THE LINE | Powerful Motivational Video | Daily Motivation | Wake Up & Listen | Keep Going

LIVE ABOVE THE LINE | Powerful Motivational Video | Daily Motivation | Wake Up & Listen | Keep Going

Living above the line is a choice, 

a choice to push beyond our limits to embrace discomfort 

and to constantly seek improvement.

It's about setting high standards for ourselves 

and refusing to settle for mediocrity. 

You see, when we live above the line, 

we take ownership of our actions, of our mindset and our results. 

So if you think about the most successful salespeople and leaders that you admire, 

what sets them apart? 

it's likely they're unwavering commitment to excellence

or maybe their relentless pursuit of growth, 

or even their refusal to accept anything less than their best right. 

They understand that success is not an accident, but it's a deliberate choice. 

And they chase that every single day. 

So it's time to make a choice. 

It's time to level up our skills, our mindset and our approach to sales. 

We have to start investing in ourselves 

to seek out the knowledge and the resources that will expand our horizons and sharpen our abilities. 

Whether that's attending seminars or reading books, 

listening to podcast, getting with other salespeople, our manager, or cross functionally, 

either way, it's a continuous immersion of learning throughout this journey. 

But knowledge alone is not enough. 

We know that living above the line requires action, 

and it demands that we step outside of our comfort zone and embrace the unknown, 

which can be terrifying, 

but it's in those moments of discomfort and uncertainty that we truly grow. 

So take risks, make bold moves, and don't be afraid to fail, 

because failure, failure is not the end, it's a stepping stone on the pathway to success. 

And remember, look, attitude is everything. 

Our mindset shapes our reality. 

So we have to choose optimism even in the worst times. 

We have to choose resilience and they never give up spirit. 

That's who we are. 

And when challenges arise, we view them as opportunities for growth and learning. 

We have to believe in our ability to overcome any obstacle that stands in our way. 

Living above the line also means embracing accountability. 

We have to take ownership of our results 

and strive for excellence in every aspect of our work. 

We have to be proactive, take initiative, and always go the extra mile 

not only for our clients but for our team, for our leadership, 

we have to become more.

and our commitment to delivering value will set us apart from our competition. 

Zig Zigler, one of my favorite sales experts and motivational speakers, said, “you were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win and expect to win.” 

Look, it doesn't just happen. 

So living above the line requires intentionality and a mindset focused on success. 

As you go forth in your sales journey, make the choice to live above the line, 

believe in your potential, take action and embrace the challenges that come your way. 

And remember, you have the power within you to reach new heights, exceed expectations, and achieve greatness. 

Keep striving, Keep growing, and Never stop living above the line. 

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