Incredible time with the Guard recruiters in Indiana

Incredible time with the Guard recruiters in Indiana

To say I'm fortunate to travel the country providing sales training to the Army National Guard would be an understatement! I believe in their mission and I'll do whatever I can to help them crush it.

Recently, I spent half the day with 150+ Guard recruiters and their leadership team in Indianapolis, coaching and training them on tactics sales skills to help them convert more potential applicants into recruits. 

Our primary focus was identifying each potential applicant's Motivator through thoughtful questions, then presenting specific benefit-driven value statements in short bursts using the B-F-E method (Benefit - Feature - Engage). I then shared a closing technique I've used in the field to capture contact information and create action. 

With tons of activities and a customized playbook, the recruiters were constantly learning and active throughout the training. After 4 hours the engagement high and feedback was awesome! Thank you to COL Eaken and COL Samples and the other leaders for allowing us to be part of your development plan for your team!

Here are a few reviews: 

Interactive and personable. Wasn't boring and time went by quickly. Useful sales techniques that will easily improve sales efforts. - Shaun Nelson 

I appreciate seeing updated material in today’s market and having someone from outside of any military organization talk about the sales process.  Thanks for bringing great energy! - Heath Hayes

What an amazing class for wisdom & clarity on sales tactics. He expressed plenty of tools to reach your full potential in the sales industry. Very motivational and informative. This is the person you want to connect with to find the essentials for success. - Kyleigh Joe

Great venue - we brought the tables in tighter to make it a better learning environment for the team.

I like to come around to each table and engage in a more intimate setting to ensure they are learning the principles and to help answer any questions.

Each participant filled out their playbook during an activity - crazy to see them all engaged and doing the activity like this!

Over 150 recruiters in attendance.

Connecting with COL Eaken and COL Samples during a break.

We do breakout sessions to allow them to role-play and practice the principles.

I like to walk around during breakouts to make sure each group is getting the most out of every activity.

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