BE INTENTIONAL | Powerful #motivational Video | Wake Up and Listen #dailymotivation #keepgoing

BE INTENTIONAL | Powerful #motivational Video | Wake Up and Listen #dailymotivation #keepgoing

I want to encourage you to become a shopping list person.

When you go to the grocery store there are two scenarios, either you have the shopping list. Or you don't.

And what happens?

If you have the shopping list, you’ve been adding things, maybe with Alexa. Add this, add that.

So you walk in and now you have this shopping list.

You go to the aisle. Maybe you look for the quick sign or perhaps you ask someone, but you know where you’re headed.

After you grab each item, you check it off. Item by item, you get this rush.

And then at the end when you check out, you feel complete. You have everything you need.

Then the opposite scenario. When you walk into the grocery store without a shopping list, what happens?

You wander. And especially if you’re hungry. You’re in trouble.

You start grabbing things that you likely don't need. And you might spend extra time just going up and down the aisles looking for items that might come to my mind.

You don't really ask anybody anything because you’re not really sure what you’re looking for.

So, you’re grabbing things, putting them in the cart. And when you check out, well, now you have a bunch of items you don't need.

You walk out and immediately it’s like, “ah, I have the cookies, but I forgot the milk!”

And so in life, we have the same opportunity.

The grocery store is obviously an analogy for our life, it represents that.

There are things out there. There are aisles and aisles of possibilities, guides along the way, people to help us find what we're looking for.

But if we haven't created a shopping list of what we want, of what we're after, then we're just wandering.

And after every event we say, “if I only would have” or “oh, I forgot this” and we want to go back, but it’s easier to just move forward.

So we go through life and these wandering moments constantly stack up - to become who we are and what we have and where we are in life.

So I invite you to become a shopping list person. And shift your perspective, shift a little bit of your activity so that you are intentional when you walk into that grocery store.

Whether in your personal life, professional life, your sales career, your goals.

Start adding items to your shopping list and when you arrive at the grocery store, you can pop it open. Go for exactly what you want, maybe get some guidance along the way, and when you checkout, you’ll feel complete.

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